Legal Support a Key to Success for Agents and Clients

Patti Brotherton, Regional Vice President Orange County

At Prudential California Realty, our agents have access to the guidance and support of an in-house team of real estate attorneys.  With the understanding that change is the only constant in real estate, we believe that providing our agents with personal attention from our legal team is imperative to their success.

To ensure that all of our agents and managers are informed about the latest updates, our chief legal counsel recently began distributing a weekly video blog.  All of these blogs have a very positive message, as well as practical tips and strategies that agents can use to work with their peers more effectively and protect the interests of their clients.  Some could even be called humorous!

Each video blog that is created by our legal team is analyzed by the managers in our Orange County network.  Highlights from the blogs are then discussed by the managers at their sales meetings, to address questions from the agents and ensure that none of the information is misinterpreted.  Having this legal feedback is essential to the success that we achieve when assisting our clients.

In terms of improving the quality of life for our agents and creating a seamless and positive transaction experience for our clients, we believe that it is vital to have a knowledgeable team of attorneys on our side.  Not only does our legal team have a complex understanding of real estate and contract law, but they also return phone calls quickly—even on the weekends.

When unusual circumstances are present in a transaction, our attorneys help to complete special amendments and addendums as a means of ensuring that everything is documented accurately for all of the involved parties.

The personal attention that is applied to each contract is outstanding and knowing that there is someone to “run things by” helps everyone involved rest easier at night.  This has been a hallmark of the type of service and support that we provide for our agents, so they can continue to do an exceptional job for their clients.

A well-informed real estate agent with the backing of a knowledgeable legal team is a better advocate for the public.  The customer service that our legal team provides for our agents is top-notch all the way, and the value that this provides for our clients has allowed Prudential to break sales records in every segment of the marketplace.

Patti Brotherton is a 35-year industry veteran, former top producing agent and renowned business coach.  Every month she shares her take on current market conditions and future trends, as well as useful tips and proven strategies for success.

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