Rewarding Our Star Performers

From a management perspective, we feel the impact of what it means to be a part of a great company every day.  Prudential California Realty enjoys a positive reputation in the community and exceptional brand recognition.  As managers we understand that our image as a company is a reflection of the job performance and dedication of our agents and employees.

We define outstanding performance as any action that will either directly or indirectly benefit our clients.  Recognizing our team for what they do is critical to our success as a company, now and into the future—it’s one of the most important aspects of our job as managers.

In Orange County we have focused on creating a range of agent recognition programs.  Recently we gave a full registration package away for our upcoming convention in Las Vegas, a prize valued at approximately $450.  This year we have also given away a number of new iPads, and various rewards including restaurant gift cards are offered through the individual offices on an ongoing basis.

The point is that rewarding success brings more success.  Our agents work very hard to provide our clients with exceptional results and it’s really gratifying to see them recognized for their activities.

The leadership team here at Prudential believes that offering incentives for the staff is also essential to the prosperity of our company.  Our employees are frequently the initial point of contact for our clients, and the work that they do to support our agents has a direct impact on the service that we provide for our buyers and sellers. Everyone on our staff recently had an opportunity to win an iPad, by participating in various training programs aimed at helping agents develop video blogs.  The input from our employees about what is needed for our agents to capitalize on this important aspect of marketing was innovative and priceless.

Ultimately, the goal with our recognition programs is to reward our team for providing our clients with a superior standard of support and service.  We have found these programs to be an effective means of identifying new techniques and proven strategies for better serving our clients.  As managers and executives it’s not only a central component of our responsibilities, it is also one of the most fun parts of our jobs.

Our clients feel the importance of what we do here at Prudential each and every day, in terms of our ability to provide them with seamless transactions and successful closings.  It is important that our agents and staff feel it as well.  Having a tangible rewards process in place is just one of the many strategies that we utilize to stay ahead of all the changes that go on in our industry.

Patti Brotherton is a 37-year industry veteran, former top producing agent and renowned business coach.  Every month she shares her take on current market conditions and future trends, as well as useful tips and proven strategies for success.

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